Gratitude Bonus Round 20

Today I am thankful for my job.
My job is one of those miraculous things that happened when I prayed for a job that seemed non-existent. At the time, finding a legitimate marketing job, that was part time, paid what I wanted, and offered a flexible schedule so I could travel with Husband, seemed far fetched in the small job market here in Rapid City. Magically that is exactly what I found, along with an office full of incredibly nice and welcoming people to work with. 
But beyond the simple fact of having a place of employment, I realized when we moved, just how important having a job, or rather, a purpose is.
I looked forward to our move because it provided me with the chance to not work for a change. To have unlimited time to focus on writing, blogging, photography; on whatever my heart desired. I even had the go ahead from Husband to not worry about finding a job and just spend time focusing on what I loved.
After about a month, with a spotless house, a lack of blog subjects, and severe lack of motivation due to the unlimited amount of time I had on my hands, I realized…I needed a job. I needed a purpose, something to do with myself.
Going from the provider for our family to the opposite end of the extreme did not sit well with me. 
Now five months later I’m thankful to have found a job that let’s me exercise my creativity, socialize with someone other than the dogs, and gives me a sense of purpose and a way to contribute to our income base. 

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