Gratitude Bonus Round 2

Hope everyone has some awesome weekend plans. Hubs is looking forward to a weekend of work, but in spite of some of the hardships, today’s gratitude post is gratefulness about the work he has.
Today I am thankful for the Air Force.
Obviously I’m thankful for all of the branches of our military, but the aspect I’m talking about is more of a personal matter.
The Air Force, specifically the JAG Corps, has not only given Husband an amazing job that has already given him unbeatable experience on a much faster track than any private firm could have, but it has also given us an amazing opportunity, and incredible stability and security. 
It has definitely taken us out of our comfort zone and miles from everyone and every thing we have ever known, BUT it has also helped us grow together and as individuals, and exposed us to a world of experiences we may never have gotten to have.
So, even though his job means that I will be spending this weekend cleaning house and watching chick flicks, instead of traipsing through some mountain trail or trying a new restaurant, it’s worth it for the endless perks of being in the Air Force.

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