Gratitude Bonus Round 15

Today I am thankful for health.
Ironically, I’m sitting here with the sniffles. I NEVER get sick, so I’m a little surprised by my sudden bout of stuffy nose and hacking cough, but considering it’s been a few years since my last cold I can’t really complain.
So health. Although I’ve suffered from headaches pretty much my entire life, for the most part I have been blessed with incredible health. My body has been fit and able enough to get me through years of sports, the occasional desire to run, and recently to lift weights and push myself to my absolute limit in Crossfit. 
Beyond physical health, I’m also thankful for mental health. The mind is a precious and complex thing, and I’m thankful mine is sound enough to allow me a somewhat “normal” life.
And lastly, emotion health. I think I have my parents and family to thank for this. I’m very thankful to have grown up in an atmosphere full of love and an openness of feelings. I’m thankful to have had my emotions validated and the help to understand them as they came. Being able to process my emotions and feelings has helped me deal with the various stressors in my life, to effectively handle my relationships, and ultimately to understand myself. 
Husband and I have gone through a world of changes in the past year or so between moving multiple times, changing careers, overcoming obstacles in our marriage, and now adjusting to life in the military. If it weren’t for being healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally those challenges would have been drastically harder to work through and deal with. So more than any time in my life, I’m very happy, and very thankful to be healthy.

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