Gratitude Bonus Round 13

Today I am thankful for home.
There was a night, pretty soon after Husband and I moved into our house here in South Dakota, we piled onto the couch, dinner in hand and movie ready to press play on the TV. It was the end of a fun-filled weekend, and we were tired but energized at the same time, after exploring our new city for a few days. I remember looking over at Husband, once I tucked my feet under me and steadied my plate, and there was no need for an exchange of words, I could tell in his eyes that we both finally felt at home.

Our little house in Charlotte was adorable, and cozy. For all intents and purposes it was the perfect little cottage in the city. But it never felt like home for some reason.
I’m not sure if it’s the fact that instead of college leftover decorations or hand-me-down trinkets, our house is now filled with pieces that we chose or designed. Or if it’s because the house in Charlotte started out as mine, and the barn belonged to Husband’s parents, and this house, although a rental, is the first place that has been completely ours…together. Or maybe it’s the simple fact that for the first time in the seven years we have been together, we actually have a life and time to spend together and have a somewhat “normal” routine, that involves spending quality time at home.
I’m sure it’s a combination of all of the above, but we have both acknowledged that our little duplex feels more like home than anywhere we’ve ever been. 
It’s nothing special. In fact it’s very dated in a lot of ways, and the surrounding town of Box Elder is nothing to write home about. But it’s warm, and provides just enough space for us and our two furballs. And it’s laid out just so, to allow our chosen tunes of the day to drift through the house, while the aromas of dinner sneak around each corner, treating Husband and I to that special sense of the comfort of home as we work on our respective “projects” of the day. 
Sometimes a house is more than just a roof over your head. Sometimes it’s a sanctuary built just for you and yours.

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