Gratitude Bonus Round 12

Today I am thankful for our men and women who have served and are serving to protect this country and all of its freedoms, and to keep it running.
In light of the recent election, I couldn’t help but wonder how all of the negativity, hatefulness, bickering, and complaining affected those who have put or are putting their lives on the line for the country that the rest of the population couldn’t help but debase.
I know it would be hard for me to continue giving a country my all, when its people don’t really seem to value the “united we stand” concept.
So, today I’m thankful that in spite of the rest of our idiocy and constant conflict, there are men and women who feel called to continue to protect our country. Not because they are democrat or republican. Not because they are for or against war. Not because they believe in a certain military budget. But because they believe in what’s right, and in protecting their fellow man, and the country that at one point proved itself to be the greatest of them all.

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