Gratitude Bonus Round 11

I don’t think I can complete this series without giving a shout of to one of Husband and I’s beverage of choice.
Today I am thankful for beer.
Yep. I just did that. I went there.
But all kidding aside, beer has really become a hobby for us. A while back when someone posed the question, “Do you like beer or wine better?” I would have responded without hesitation that I as bigger wino than the best of them.
But as we sat in a local winery one day, and determining that not a single wine on the roster suited our palates, yet at least 5 of the 6 beers seemed to be pretty spectacular, I realized that I was lying to myself.
Although I love a bold glass of red (usually love it a little too much), beer has prevailed as my beverage of choice.
I love the bubbles, the mild (or strong depending on what mood I’m in) flavors, and on that note the sheer amount of varieties. I love that it doesn’t knock me on my face after two or three of them, and if needed I can choose an appropriate selection that I can sip on all day long. I love that it’s a fun hobby for Husband, and I love seeking out a new brewery everywhere we go. 
I love the social aspect of it, as well as the perfect relaxation it provides when it’s been “one of those days.” I love the sound of the bottle popping open, and the glug, glug as it pours into an icy mug. 
So here’s to beer, and a Sunday full of cheer!

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