Gratitude Bonus Round 10

In keeping with my weekend theme…
Today I am thankful for sleeping in (and sleeping in general).
At some point in my life, the definition of “sleeping in” changed from being cast out of my bed with the rant that “I couldn’t sleep all day” (granted it was already 12:00 noon), to just wanting to make it till 7:30 on a weekday or a super luxury of lazing around (<– notice I didn’t use the word sleep there) till 9:30.
I personally don’t feel all too sleep deprived (thank you flexible work schedule!), but poor Husband could use about a year of solid sleep I think.
And Jim is all too ready to oblige. 
So let’s all be thankful for sleeping in over the weekend, snuggling up to that significant other or hairball that hogs your bed, and dreaming sweet dreams about that awesome breakfast you are going to have…if you ever decide to get up that is 😉

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