Gratitude Bonus Round 1

A few years ago, while I was blogging for Skirt! in Charlotte, NC I did a series called 25 Days of Thanks. I know a lot of people do their own version at the start of November, and cliche or not, I still love the idea of dedicating at least a moment each day to recognizing all of the blessings in your life and giving thanks for them.
So today is November 1 and I am thankful for growing up
This may sound like a strange one, especially when you think of all the negative aspects of growing up like having to take responsibility, worrying about money, learning to be on your own, but I’ve realized in the past few days just how important growing up has been to my happiness.
It’s allowed me to create a life that’s all my own.
It’s taught me how to manage my relationships with friends and loved ones in a constructive and positive manner. 
It’s helped me realize the person I am underneath it all and to learn to accept and love that person.
It’s taught me dependence on God and my faith, and just how critical they are in my life.
It’s taught me humility, strength, courage, reality, and determination.
It’s the reason I can be comfortable in my own skin, to love freely, and to be the best I can be in this world.
Sure it’s hard, but everything worth doing typically requires a little bit of a challenge.

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