Granville Island

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I realized in the last post I sounded pretty negative, and I feel the need to clarify that my negativity in no way was a reflection of my feelings of Vancouver. Vancouver ended up being my favorite leg of the trip.
On our second morning we wanted to check out Stanley Park. This park was rated as one of the best parks in the world and we wanted to know why. 
So we rented some bikes and made the trip around the park’s edge. The park houses restaurants, multiple beach fronts, athletic parks, concert arenas, you name it. It was gorgeous!  

We spotted this and snapped a pic hoping we had witness a Banksy original haha! 
Then we rode the train to Granville Island. 

The island is home to a fun collection of shops and restaurants, and a market that, if you can believe was possible, beat Pike’s in my heart. 

The displays weren’t as grandiose, but they seemed to be filled with even more variety and all sorts of interesting things. 


And just outside we ran into a showcase of wooden boats.

The island was spectacular and full of little nooks and crannies with endless things to discover. We walked, and lunched, and snacked, and sat taking it all in for a while, wishing we had a week to really get to know Vancouver. Then finally we made our way back to hotel to get ready for our last night on the town.

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