Goofy Smiling at the Gym


I’ve reached a new level of foodie obsession sickness.  I’m one of those sadistic people who likes to watch the Food Network while they are working out.  After eating a lunch so big I was still almost too full to eat dinner hitting up the gym was totally necessary.  I’ve recently fallen in love with the stairmaster/stairmill.  In my mind I’m convinced I’m building muscle and doing cardio at the same time, all while being face to face with a TV screen filled with mouth watering Iron Chef creations.

First let me say, today’s secret ingredient was chocolate, so obviously I was already intrigued and would have torn into anything they put in front of me with the delicious cocoa goodness.  But as I had worked up a good sweat and was starting to huff and puff I became entranced by the chefs and the food.  They were running around (even Cat Cora!!) with just seconds on the clock, orders were shouted over kitchen stadium and just as the last second ticked off the clock they placed their last garnish on their plates and took Cat’s signature shot of celebration.  Tensed with the excitement of the challenge, I can only imagine my face was mere inches from the TV screen.  Then they presented their dishes to the judges.

I watched the judges take bite after bite with moments of foodie ecstasy washing over their face with each delicacy meeting their taste buds.  And as they gave their praises to the challenging chef I happened to notice my face in the TV screen.  I was smiling.  Not like a cheshire grin, but a small, open mouthed, in my happy place, totally goofy smile plastered on my face.  As if I was just getting the biggest kick out of this show.  Like with each positive critique of the dishes I was being praised myself for my works of art.

I love food that much.

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