Going Au Naturale With Your Beauty Products

I get questions occasionally about what beauty products I use, and since my regimen has evolved over time to something that is a bit of a passion I thought I would share. 
I have more or less gone from a Bath & Body Works junkie to a crunchy natural product loving hippy. I believe the transition started with my change in diet that led me towards natural foods and greener living, but as I cut the chemicals and preservatives from my diet, I felt the need to do the same with my skincare. It is fact that so many of the toxins in our bodies enter through our skin as a result of what we put on it. 
So my beauty/skincare routine involves the following…
Shampoo & Conditioner    

Recently I’ve been using the Refresh and Nourish Spa shampoos and conditioners from Trader Joes. I’ve tried the Dr. Bronner’s castille soaps, as well as all natural handmade bar soaps, but found both left my hair feeling filmy and dirty. Since there is no Trader Joes in Rapid City I’m not quite sure what kind of shampoo and conditioner I will try next. Taking all suggestions!

*I have a condition called seborrheic dermatitis, which is sort of like concentrated dandruff (sorry if this is TMI). Basically my scalp overproduces oil in specific areas. So I have to be very careful to avoid shampoos with sulfates and such in them, and occasionally depend on hydrogen peroxide and ACV rinses to treat it. I have also tried to  decrease how many times I wash my hair a week, but as the dermatitis worsened I learned that with this condition your actually need to shampoo your hair everyday to help reduce the oil build-up. 
I have very, very dry skin, and I have tried just about everything in the book to improve it without much luck. I use a pumice stone every time I shower to exfoliate my body (yes this is extreme, but again, this is what works for me) and in the past I have used pure shea butter or pure coconut oil as my lotion. I have recently come to the conclusion that while the shea butter provides a thick, moisturizing barrier, it doesn’t soak into my skin. The coconut oil soaks into my skin, but isn’t thick enough to last. So I am experimenting by combining the two, along with Vitamin E oil, and added a few drops of an essential oil blend I have to create my own face and body lotion. I’ll let you know how it goes.

 Facial Exfoliant

I was a steadfast, loyal believer in St. Ives Apricot Scrub (we’re talking years, upon years of daily use) until Pinterest peaked my interest with the endless uses of baking soda, one of which was using it as a DIY microdermabrasion. Once I tried it I was hooked. My face was noticeably smoother, and compared to my trusty scrub the baking soda felt much less abrasive. I do have some back stock of St. Ives so I plan to use it and supplement with baking soda once or twice a week until it’s gone.

I used Crystal stick deodorant for about two years (although I don’t really believe it ever really worked), until that fateful day I learned about baking soda’s infinite uses (see above). That’s right folks, it’s the deodorant of my dreams. I simply pat it on and I’m good to go. I’ve tested it with sweaty workouts, days outside in high temp weather, and even two day long stints without a shower. I still sweat but I DO NOT stink, and since sweating is our body’s natural way of cooling itself, I’m ok with the sweating as long as it doesn’t result in sending those around me running for the hills from the stench. For me it works like a charm, and for cheap! I’ve heard of people mixing it with arrowroot or cornstarch to help alleviate the skin irritation some experience (basking soda can be a little grainy). I also saw one recipe that combined it with cornstarch, coconut oil, and essential oils for a more traditional deodorant consistency.

Currently we use Tom’s all natural toothpaste. Overall I like it, although the peppermint flavor has an licorice aftertaste to me that I don’t enjoy so much. I’m considering making my own with…you guessed it, baking soda 🙂

This is the one area I’m still struggling with. These days I only wear makeup on the weekends for social outings and church. I made it my goal over the past year to replace my makeup collection with natural products as I ran out but unfortunately, at such a low rate of use, I’m still sitting with same goods minus a new foundation and concealer that I bought from Origins. Not only is my makeup probably past the recommended age, but I am also finally getting down to the last of it. So I am researching new natural alternatives. So far I’m a big fan of Origins, although it is a little pricey for something I just don’t use that often. Again taking suggestions.

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