Getting Our Doughnut On!

That night we found a small strip of restaurants (I’m talking like 5 in a row, the most you will find in Portland) and ended up at Mucca. It was so-so, but we did really enjoy this antipasto sampler.
The real food star of our Portland segment of the trip was Voodoo Doughnut.

We were told we had a 45 minute wait once we got in line, and apparently that was nothing for it to be a Sunday morning.

While we waited we came up with the plan for our order. There were so many flavors to choose from it presented some difficulty.

When we finally set foot inside, husband was drilling me on what we had decided…you know, so we didn’t freeze up when we finally got to order.

The most known doughnut is the voodoo doughnut himself. He is filled with raspberry and you poke a pretzel stick in him, thus the storefront sign. We opted out of getting him though. Raspberry is not really my thing.

It was here our day of bacon maple began.

They really were amazing doughnuts. Totally worth the wait.

The food carts. Closed. We never did get to eat at one of these.

Next our tour guide Sarah took us to Multnomah Falls. 

Even Prancee got to tag along!

These pictures make me miss Sarah already 🙁

Our tour guide’s last stop was up the hill to the hospital (she and Mike ride the tram to work there every day, how cool is that?!) so we could see the view of Mt. Hood.

It was pretty spectacular.

And with that we said our goodbyes, and husband and I set to enjoying our last night in town.

Which for husband included another stop at Rogue to buy a bacon maple beer. I personally don’t care for maple bacon. I think bacon is supposed to be savory, and if syrup touches my bacon on my breakfast plate I get upset. 
I took one for the team because “it’s all about the experience Clark,” but I couldn’t do more than about a third of this tall boy. I was bacon mapled OUT!

Then to really round out our general food disappointment, we went in search of a happy hour that featured champagne and oysters…the one thing I had been talking about since before we left South Dakota. We had spotted the restaurant that morning during our wait for doughnuts, so we made a beeline for the Oyster Bar.
Only to be sat and told we could get six oysters for the small price of $18. No thank you.

From there we proceeded to walk for no less than three hours in search of a happy hour. Our only requirement was that it have some sort of decent food and beer and wine. The few places that were even around either only had beer and no food (a brewery), or didn’t have a happy hour, or had crappy food. We may or may not have gotten a little irritable with each other in our frustration. Finally, in an attempt to salvage the evening we settled into a street side table at an Italian restaurant where the server proceeded to be a complete jerk and the wine sucked. 
You would have thought we would just give up then, but oh no, we are persistent! We searched for another hour or so for a spot for dinner, when we finally gave up and ate at a semi-fast food mexican joint on the corner (which was actually pretty good surprisingly) before running through Target for a bottle of wine and retreating to the hotel. 
Never in my life did I expect to NOT be able to find food in Portland. 
The next morning we were more than ready to get to Seattle.

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