Gentlemen’s Weekend: Part 1

Last Wednesday Husband and I jumped at the chance to head up to Cliz’s farm early to spend a few days relaxing before the Gentlemen’s Weekend commenced. 
As we were loading this car I spotted this cute little guy and was trying my best to capture his fuzzy face with my camera…when he jumped on my camera…and I totally panicked (I’m deathly afraid of spiders)…AND THREW MY CAMERA! Only by the grace of God did it survive without a single scratch.
We arrived later Wednesday evening and were spoiled with a delicious dinner by Lizzie, copious amounts of wine and conversation that lasted deep into the night. 
Awaking in a slight haze we ate breakfast, I worked and we all just lazed around until it was time for Liz and I to pick up some pumpkins, fresh scallops (brought from the coast that morning!) for dinner, and a surprise for the guys.
After shooting a few rounds of skeet Husband mixed up a batch of Shoo Fly Punch and the Pumpkin Slaying began.
The difference between NC local pumpkins and Wal-mart’s…can you guess which is which?
We had one pumpkin that I swear almost looked fake it was so perfect.
Jim was still recovering from his terror of the gunshots.
He’s turning white just below his bottom lip…I’m not too happy about it 🙁
There were Halloween straws…
and STRONG Shoo Fly Punch…
and some serious pumpkin artists.
After carving the guys set out for a late evening deer hunt…in the rain…and freezing weather. I can’t imagine something I would rather do less haha! Meantime Liz and I started prepping dinner which included an appetizer of FROG LEGS!
I had never eaten nor cooked frog legs before. The best way I can describe the smell was a sort of fishy chicken, or really fresh pond might have been more fitting. They actually didn’t taste too bad but I will say the next morning I opened the fridge and got a whiff of what I thought was frog legs and it turned my stomach a little. Grease usually doesn’t do to well with my system so if I ever try these guys again I might try the grilling method.
It was still raining when we got to light our pumpkins and after trying a few times to get a clear picture without a flash and failing I gave up.
This was my pumpkin, thanks to Clint for drawing the stencil!
Liz’s, Husband’s and Clint’s. By the way the middle one is Husband’s interpretation of Jim 🙂
Another attempt…
Determined to end our night with a scary movie to kick off the Halloween weekend we turned on Red State, which turned out to be a dud. It was ok though because we had a big day and weekend starting the next day and needed our beauty sleep. Friday meant the rest of the guests were arriving, errands had to be ran and the first day of the Gentlemen’s Weekend was at hand.

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