Gastown and the Best Brussels Sprouts I’ve Ever Eaten

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Well this is it. The post you probably never thought would get here. The last post of our vacation saga.
Our last night in Vancouver was spent in Gastown. It’s a fun little area with lots to see and do, like the iconic steam powered clock. 

We ate at The Flying Pig for dinner. It had a feel similar to Meat & Bread, simple ingredients, fresh food, and lots of handcrafted touches to make it amazing. We started with the salmon sampler. 

Then split the halibut and gnocchi…

and these brussels sprouts (sorry for the shoddy pic!). They were perfectly roasted and dusted with some heavenly parmesan and salt that gave them the most impeccable crusty delicious flavor. I would have been fine if they were all I ate!

And since we were in Canada, we opted for the maple sugar pie. I’m not even going to try to come up with another word to describe this pie. Wordless. That is how it left us. It was so good we googled recipes as soon as we were able on our phones.

Thanks to the mix up with our flight departure location, our vacation was cut short by a day. We were so, so sad to have to leave Vancouver a day early. There as so much we had yet to see, so much we wanted to see again. I know if we do happen to get McChord for our next base we will be making another trip (or ten) to Vancouver. 

The next day we made the five hour drive back to Portland, dined near the Hawthorne area of town (a section I think we sorely missed and may need to come back for!), and got some shut eye before flying back to cold SoDak. 
It wasn’t our ideal trip, and it was full of little pain in the butt moments that left us more exhausted by the end than refreshed, but all in all we were happy we had the chance to see so much. If nothing else it gave me a few weeks of posting material right? 🙂

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