Five Fousand Fruit Servings

June 9, 2011

I’ve done two things successfully today. I’ve eaten a banana and a half, about 500 blueberries and a 100 grapes out of boredom and not wanting to use my weight watchers points. Fruit is free remember! Ok, ok, so I may have exaggerated slightly on the blueberries, slightly 🙂 Also out of boredom I made a list of stuff to pack to take to the barn this weekend on my trip to Asheville. There’s nothing like a rainy day at work a day before your boss gets back from a business trip to strip you of all motivation to do anything but take inventory of your office supplies.

So on a more exciting subject than gray cube walls and fancy post-its, let’s talk about the reason behind this recent trip to Asheville. Here are a few clues…

About a year ago I met a certain young man, excitement and nerves exuding from his eyes, at this place.

Money and emotions burning a whole in his pocket he picked out this ring.

To ask this beautiful lady to marry him.

Saturday is the big day and I’m the wedding coordinator!!!

Congratulations Matt & Erin!!! Marriage is the most unique, challenging yet satisfying thing I’ve ever experienced and I can only wish you the same. May your wedding day be the day when you can say you loved each other the least!

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