Fish Fry

A few week’s ago we decided to have a few people over to break in the barn and take advantage of the monstrous catfish dwelling in the pond.  So we had a fish fry.
The guys arrived around 4:00 and when all were assembled we loaded up into the truck and headed to the pond.
Chicken livers were opened (and smelled horrendous!) and the fishing commenced!

Another view of the barn

Joey should probably have been named top fisherman of the day.  He was the first to pull a monster out (Husband’s line broke before he could get the monster out) and he continued to hook one after another for the rest of the day.
The fish were so large they required someone to get down and dirty and drag them out of the water (until we could get a net down to the fishing arena).

First catch of the day

Obligatory cow pictures 🙂


Once he got his technique down Husband hooked a big one and fought it to the bank.

Now that is happiness

According to the guys if the fish swallow the hooks you can cut the line and they will rust and fall out.
I’m not sure if I believe them.

Removing the hook

It only took four catfish (including a little one that I caught myself) to have enough thick filets to feed the 12+ people we had.

I’m sparing you the step by step pictures I took of the filleting of the fish.  Trust me its for your own good.

Husband asked me if I wanted to try to catch one, and telling myself not to miss out on ANY opportunities while we are here I took the pole in hand and casted.
I’ll admit I refused to bait my hook or touch that fish.

But I did batter up our catch…

Jim tried to convince Husband that he NEEDED a piece…no such luck Jim Chew!

and fried it up!

Mama J’s homemade tarter sauce…DELISH!

And then I became a bad blogger because I didn’t take a single picture of our finished success.  Hopefully it will suffice to say that it was incredible and we didn’t have a single piece left the next morning.

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