Fingers Crossed I Made It On Food Network

Anyone who knows me knows I am a Food Network and Cooking Channel addict. Like, if I could only have one cable channel (or two I guess) it would be those. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard the Food Network show, The Great Food Truck Race, was coming to Rapid.
And that I could actually go see the trucks and eat the food.
I think my heart may have stopped when I heard the first toot of the truck horn as they pulled in.

I didn’t get picked for an interview, although I had the perfect answers already lined up in my head, JIC you know.

But I did get to place an order…and ask for a selfie with the cook! 

Cook: Hey, is that your husband over there with the camera? Me: Oh yeah. Cook: Do you want a picture of me handing you the food? Me: Um YES!!

Totally geeking out in this moment.


We were pretty disappointed in the food. $15 for these two tacos, that were ok but nothing spectacular.
But I wrote it off for the experience. When else would I get to be up close and personal with Food Network?! It was surreal to me!

We left those trucks and went downtown to check out the others.

We waited in line again only to have the truck close up in need of more food.

So we watched the folks getting ready for the Tour de Rapide. A bike pub crawl (we swear they copied our Biko de Mayo!) sponsors by New Belgium Fat Tire. 

Husband’s marathon was the next day so we didn’t get to participate, much to my chagrin. It was a BEAUTIFUL day and the beer was tasting SO good.

Not having gotten our fill on food from the trucks, we took a seat in Dakota Thyme and grabbed some sandwiches.

And caught another part of the show as one of the other food trucks made a pit stop to pick up some rolls and other ingredients. 

It was all very exciting. If we hadn’t been looking at a 4:15 am wake up call the next morning I would have loved to have stayed and gotten caught up in all of the action going on downtown. Who says there’s nothing going on in Rapid City?!

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