Finding A Home In Friends

In spite of causing Cliz the unfortunate loss of their adolescent chicks they, or rather Liz, found it in her heart to invite me back to the farm to celebrate Cliz Part C’s 25th birthday.  We spent the weekend sipping sangria as we took mule rides through the farm land, watched the guys play corn hole in the blistering sun and get awesome sunburns to show for it, laughed as we held a farm yard dance party and just glowed in the appreciation of having each other as friends.

Cucumber Water courtesy of Flip

Our Observation Post

It feels like I’ve known these people my entire life.  Oddly enough I only met a few of them not even a year ago, and even Cliz has only become a close friend in the past few years.  I have found a home in this circle of friends.  One full of love and support and really true friendship.  I can’t begin to tell you just how much I value them all, and how much I value the times that we have together.  Just being comfortable enough to be yourself, to be able to sit in the silence of a farm in the country without the need for distractions or constant conversation, and to get down on the farm with a group of people equally as happy to be there with you as you are with them is amazing feeling to experience.

Bart Man

Happy Birthday Clint!  Happy 25 years!  Happy quarter of your life and what we all surely believe are our best years yet.  Happy anniversary of marrying the woman that we can all see is the light of your life and the warmth in your heart.  Thank you for letting me be a part of the celebration and someone who calls you friend.

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