Feeding Whiskered Fish

At the risk of disclosing all the fun on the farm before we even get there, I couldn’t help but share these whiskered fish.  Husband’s dad has been babying these catfish for nearly five years now.  And they are HUGE.  I hadn’t ever fed the fish and this weekend it was time.
It kind of looked like something out of a Jaws movie (or maybe Swamp Monsters?).  We tossed in the feed and slowly started seeing ripples in the water.

And then it was a feeding frenzy!

The cow handlers are also apparently fish handlers.

The fish would come clean out of the water, whiskers and all after the feed!

When the feeding was over we hopped back on the golf cart and headed back to the house to clean up for dinner.  Husband had spotted this bee-type creature with a green head earlier but I didn’t have my camera with me to capture it.  Luckily on our way out to the barn he noticed it was back.  So peculiar.  Anyone know what type bee this is??

And then I practiced a little with the camera.  The limes and lemons are fake but the nectarines are real.  I just love the light from the window bouncing off of the fruit bowl.

And off my MIL’s homemade oatmeal raisin cookies!

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