Farm to Table at Sutra

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Our last day in Seattle was what I had been needing for months. There was lots of sunshine (I even wore a bathing suit!), good food, great friends, and an easy pace that should accompany any vacation. 
The morning started at Skillet Diner. We split the deconstructed corned beef hash and a pancake bigger than our heads. Both were delicious.
When planning our vacation I made a stipulation that at some point I needed to at least see, preferably lay, on a beach. For this trip a beach on the side of a lake had to count. We went back by the market to pick up some smoked salmon (so fresh it hadn’t even been packaged yet), local cheese, and of course champagne. Our friend David had suggested Madison Park Beach to spend a few hours in the sun, so that is just what we did. That afternoon he met us for a few cocktails, then we went back to hotel, showered, and met David and his partner Bob out front…in their convertible. I laughed inside thinking about the fact that I was the only girl in the group, and thus the only one concerned about my freshly curled hair, but I am not one to miss the opportunity to cruise around Seattle with the top down. I piled it up on top of my head and climbed in.
This is the only shot I managed to catch of the space needle. Apparently it wasn’t high on our priority list.

That evening we had reservations at Sutra

The concept behind the restaurant – “…our focus is amazing vegetarian food that appeases all the senses and is served in an atmosphere where sustainable agriculture, community-style dining, and responsible business practices are of utmost importance.
Think innovative food presentation, unexpected combinations, a small-scale intimate setting, and true farm-to-table practices. 
In other words, one of the most unique dining experiences you can imagine. 
The menu is fixed, with all of the food coming from the owner/chefs small farm. There are set dining times and everyone is served the same course at the same time. 

The food was so beautiful I feel like even a meat-eater would forget its absence. 

The sunset was perfect, the weather wrapped us in a warm glow, and our seats in the garden made the night feel pretty magical.

And to add to the magic of the night, after dinner David and Bob took us on a wild ride through their old neighborhood of Seattle to find the troll that lives under the bridge.
He’s holding a genuine Volkswagon Beetle 🙂

We went back to their house to meet their boys and have a glass of champagne (I lost count how many I had on this trip) before calling it a night. The next morning we had a train to catch bright and early.
A special thanks to David and Bob for giving us a fantastic tour and taste of Seattle. We can’t wait to come back!

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