Fall Melancholy + A Fruit of the Spirit Study


Ahh Fall. The most wonderful time of the year am I right? It is by far my favorite season. I live for the cooler weather, the glorious colors painting the trees and littering the ground, the welcome to slow down, cozy up, and take a deep, long breath.

For me Fall, with it bringing the commencement of new school years, always felt more like New Years than New Year’s Eve did. It was a time to decide who I wanted to be that year – wasn’t it fun to think you could just reinvent yourself each year? In my adult years, once the haze of summer is over, Fall still instills in me that same sense of newness and a time to set goals, get down to business, and refocus.

But for some reason it has also always brought a feeling of melancholy. Maybe because the bright light of summer is waning, work is ahead, as well and darker colder days. An excitement for change, met with the end of what was usually a full, exciting, exhausting summer.

I find myself often during these Fall months settled into deep reflection. My voice becomes much quieter. My creativity hits the pause button. Motivation is hard to come by. Rest is so needed. But it isn’t that my productivity is lying in wait. Instead it realigns itself, filling my mind with words and thoughts, instead of my body with the need to build and make.

The two will marry once again eventually, but I like to lean into the shift. To see what my mind has to share. To enjoy the reflection and hopefully come into the new season a little wiser.

It’s a great time to embrace BEING STILL and LETTING GOD.

One of the most impactful devotional studies I’ve done is the Fruit of the Spirit one from She Reads Truth. It’s been heavy on my mind for a couple of weeks. So much so I chose it as my topic for this week’s family Bible study, in which it was my turn to lead. My thoughts came together more like a devotional in themselves so I thought I would share here. Feel free to download these for yourself!

I know this is a bit different that DIY and home design. I’ve never stayed in one lane 100%, and I don’t plan to. For there is more to life than pretty rooms and fun projects. In between there is family, experiences, and life. And above and through it all there is God. So join me today in this little intro to my own journey. Take what you need and leave the rest. Either way I’m glad you’re here!

Fruit of the Spirit

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