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Fall In The Blue Ridge Mountains


We knew how close the parkway was when we moved into our house, but after making the short drive a couple of weekends ago we kind of freaked out at just how close it is, and now it’s becoming a regular “to do” when we have a few spare minutes. 


This past weekend we knew the leaves were going to be peaking, or close to their peak, so we grabbed a few minutes Sunday afternoon to go snap a few pictures. img_9095

The sun wasn’t really cooperating, but the colors didn’t disappoint.img_9102




When we got to Graveyard Fields the overcast and slightly foggy atmosphere set the mood, and really brought that cool crisp Fall feeling to the air. img_9121

Will surprised me with a thermos of hot cider and we enjoyed a few minutes to ourselves admiring the beautiful creation around us. img_9125

There’s nothing like being able to take a short drive and be in a such a beautiful place anytime your heart desires.img_9137



There’s not much more that’s necessary to say, but we sure hope you get out wherever you are and soak in this spectacular season! img_9159

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