Exploring The Amalfi Coast: A Boat Tour to Capri and 6 Years of Wedded Bliss

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Our number one recommendation, no matter where you are staying on the Amalfi Coast, is to take a boat tour. It’s one of the easiest and quickest ways to see all the towns of the coast, and there are a number of options depending on exactly what you want to see and explore. Due to the road closure issue we didn’t get to see the neighboring towns like we wanted to, so we were very thankful for the boat tour we took. We were able to at least see Praiano and Positano from the water (and Sorrento in the distance), and had almost a whole day to spend around Capri.
Missy unfortunately woke up sick the morning of the tour so she and Jill stayed at the villa and were kind enough to keep Aubrey for us, which meant Will and I got to spend our 6th anniversary just the two of us. That was a very special treat! In fact, it was the first time since Aubrey was born that we have had an entire day together just the two of us!
The transfer boat picked us up at the Amalfi marina, and soon we jetted off in a little dingy to meet the bigger boat.
We met up with the rest of the group and switched boats in Positano.
Then the tour began. Along the way we visited a number of grottos, and stopped by to see a few sights such as the face in the rock cliffs pictured below. Do you see it?
We could not believe the boat driving skills of our captain. Well all the captains of the tour boats we saw that day. It was nothing for them to pull deep into the grottos so we could have a closer look. We didn’t even tap the sides once!
At each grotto we were given chances to swim. The water was such an amazing color of blue, and once you got into the grotto, the white rock below made it glow as if there were lights on in the water.
Capri straight ahead!
During the morning portion we visited the blue, green, and a few other random grottos before pulling around to the backside of the island.
The sea was extremely rough that day, and even though we were in a decent sized boat, we were tossed all over the place. Not only were we very thankful we didn’t have Aubrey with us, but by the time we finally arrived at the Marina di Piccolo we were also very thankful to finally set foot back on dry land.
We loved this part of Capri. The shoreline was lined with fun little bars and cafes, with small rocky beaches in between.
The rest of Capri was chocked full of every high end designer brand store you could think of. Everything was so clean and well manicured, and the island as a whole was lush with green foliage and the most beautiful flowers.
We did a little window shopping then found our way to Michel’angelo Ristorante & Mozzarella Bar for lunch. I had the lemon pasta with mixed seafood and it was the best dish I had the whole time on the Amalfi Coast. To make it even more special, we were treated to fresh figs while we waited for our food, and the meal was finished with a complimentary shot of limoncello served in little iced shot glasses.
We got a kick out of the cabs on the island.
The bus from the Marina to the other side of the island was only €1.80. We took it over, but decided to walk back since it was mostly downhill, and we got to see more of the island.
That afternoon while we waited for the boat to take off again we took a seat at one of the beach bars and had a beer. It was glorious.
The weather was perfect, as was the company. That day marked 6 years married, and a whopping 10 years together dating.
Thankfully the water had calmed down by the evening so our ride back was much more pleasant.
We stopped at a few more grottos, and went through the Faraglioni Rocks.
We were told you are supposed to kiss your loved one and make a wish as you passed under the rock.
In the White Grotto, if you look up into the cave you can see a rock that resembles the Madonna.
And then the tour was over. We dropped the other passengers off back at Positano and switched back to the dingy to return to Amalfi. It was an amazing day.
Except that we had the bright idea to see if the driver could just drop us off at the Conca Dei Marini thinking it would save us the €50 cab ride. There is only one pier located there, and we didn’t know it until after he had dropped us off and pulled away, but it the attraction located there was closed. We continued to climb the abandoned stairwell anyway, and were almost to the main road at the top when we came to a halt. Our path was blocked by a chained gate and fence.
We had to scale the gate, which happened to be topped with speared points at the top, then walk through a sort of restaurant to get to the road. Once there we realized that it was actually a little bit more of a walk than we anticipated to reach our villa. After walking for a few minutes, as luck would have it, our cab driver friend happened to pass by and gave us a lift to the top. It still cost of €30 euro, but we did get to see the Conca Dei Marini up close and got some beautiful photos so we called it a win.
That wrapped up our Amalfi Coast vacation. We had to catch a cab at 2:00 the next morning in order to make it to the airport on time. We learned a lot of lessons and came up with some tips to help those looking to plan a trip to the Amalfi Coast, so check back soon for a follow up post with tips for planning an amazing Amalfi Coast vacation of your very own!

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