Dream House Listing

June 7, 2011
No I’m not talking about Barbie’s dream house 🙂
While sitting in my little gray cube I received some positive news about our house selling. I won’t go into details because I don’t want to jinx anything at this point (so hard trying to NOT get excited!!!), but the message sparked thoughts about what I wish I could tell potential buyers about our little home.
When the realtor first started pulling together information about our house and taking pictures of each room, it was all I could do to keep myself from spewing forth all the wonderful and unique experiences this house can offer.
Like how the kitchen windows let in the perfect sunlight over a waffle breakfast feast shared with friends visiting for the weekend.

Or how in the afternoons the bright red door sets an amber glow to the entire living room.

Or that’s it’s just minutes from our favorite Oktoberfest.

And the back porch makes the perfect pumpkin carving post.

That there is just enough room in the living room floor for four grown adults to attempt the P90X ab DVD on a bright Saturday morning, or a sleepy eyed woman forcing herself to do a strength training workout at the ungraceful 6:00 hour to break a sweat.
That on days when the night before saw one two many rounds of shots or dark beers it can block out all light and turn itself into a cushy movie theater complete with air mattress slash much needed nap space seating.
There are raised beds, built by Husband and his dad, that the worms use for a playground and sometimes they offer surprises like big beautiful pumpkin plants (used in aforementioned pumpkin carving).

The bedroom creates that perfect combination of darkness with a touch of subtle light that makes an alarm clock unnecessary.

And that it’s our home. One we will leave with a bittersweet goodbye. It was the first house I bought with my hard earned money. Our first home as a married couple. The place where our parents were OUR guests for the first time. The fighting ring when life became too much for us, and the sanctuary where we made up cherished each other’s company. It’s made of our blood, sweat and tears, and a little part of our souls that we’ve poured into it over the past four years making it ours.
Being a homeowner is hard, and like any house this one is not without its flaws, but we love it. We are so ready for this next chapter in our life, but I will be the first to admit that I can feel my heart sting a little each time I look around trying to take a mental snap shot of each and every room and detail.
Our biggest hope is that it will go to someone who will truly love it as much as we do. And with any luck that may just be happening 🙂

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