DIY Upholstered Storage Bench


As part of our primary bedroom refresh I knew I wanted a new bench. As it usually goes, DIY was the answer. I ended up building a DIY upholstered storage bench.

I pinned this nearly $500 designer bench to my bedroom board on Pinterest hoping I could thrift one or find one similar but much cheaper. After some thought I realized I could DIY a bench for a fraction of the cost, and after some thorough searching I even found the exact fabric as the inspiration bench! And another reason to love DIY, I was able to tailor the design to add more functionality to fit our needs. As if you need another reason to give DIY a shot. The original bench lacked storage, so my DIY upholstered storage bench ticked off another box for striped fabric bench with turned wood legs

This project started with some 1×4 select pine boards and sande plywood. I opted for the precut 2’x4′ plywood piece to keep the cost down and make it more manageable to work with. supplies for a diy bench I purchased these pre-turned legs from Home Depot to achieve the more traditional look of the inspo bench. supplies for diy wood bench This was the basic design concept.
framework for diy upholstered storage bench To attach the legs I chose to line them up flush with the 1×4 boards to create a clean, custom look, and keep the bench at a reasonable height so it would feel sturdy and well made.
side and leg joint for diy bench I used my Kreg Jig to create pocket holes to attach the boards to the legs, using clamps as I screwed them in to keep everything flush. clamp holding side and leg of diy storage bench frame for diy upholstered storage bench Once assembled I removed the leg screws, then flipped it over and traced the outline for the bottom onto the sande plywood piece. base for diy storage bench Then I used my jigsaw to cut out the bottom. You could also take measurements to create the template. I attached the bottom to the 1x4s using a nail gun and 1 1/4″ brad nails. To eliminate any gaps and give the bottom a nice clean finish, I used wood filler along all of the seams. base for diy storage bench I used a new to me method of staining, combining my favorite English Chestnut stain with Polycrylic. This method helps to float the stain color, helping to hide variations in woods and any blotchiness. It results in a beautiful, rich, even colored finish that looks professional. It also shortens the process because it seals it as you are staining it. Pro tip here, this dries fast, which means you need to work quickly! stain on base of diy storage bench One the base was finished I began on the upholstered top. I used a piece of plywood (I had 3/4″ on hand, but 1/2″ would work as well), cut to the dimensions to fit the top of the bench, laid on to of poly foam to measure and cut the foam to size. I used a bread knife, an electric one would be the best! foam and board for upholstered bench I was only able to find 2″ foam at my local store, but I wanted a 4″ thick cushion so I double it up. A cheaper alternative would be to use camp pads you can purchase at places like Home Depot. I was on a time crunch so poly foam it was. stacked foam and board for bench cushion Once my foam was cut to size I laid it on top of the batting and used a staple gun to attach it to the plywood. foam and batting under plywood to create bench cushion foam and batting under plywood  forming base of bench cushion stapling batting to foam and plywood to upholster a bench cushion Then I trimmed off the excess, and repeated the process with the striped fabric. stapling fabric over batting and foam on upholstered bench seat cushion fabric stapled to based of bench seat cushion To finish the underside you can use dust cover fabric. I had black landscaping fabric that was similar so I used that instead. attaching backing to underside of upholstered bench seat cushion Next I attached 2 1/2″ hinges to the base and top.hinged diy upholstered bench with storage I set my hinges in 8″ from the side. My bench was roughly 44″ wide and 15″ deep. back side of hinged storage bench with blue striped upholstered cushion And then it was done! brunette woman in front of diy upholstered storage bench with blu striped fabric and wood base with turned wood legs blue striped fabric upholstered bench with wood base, plant in ceramic planter I think I actually like this version better than the original! diy fabric storage bench with blue striped fabric and wood base The added wood warms up the design. blue striped storage bench with wood base and legs And the storage element has been amazing in our bedroom. upholstered bench opened to show storage capacity In total I made this for around $100 which was a huge savings from the $500 inspiration bench. It could have been made even cheaper with different fabric and the camp pads instead of the craft store poly foam, but overall I couldn’t be happier with the finish bench! Materials and sources below!end of bed storage bench with blue striped fabric and wood base


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