DIY Cordless New Sew No Heat Roman Shade

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It’s not often you find a DIY project that costs nearly nothing, but ends up making a swoon-worthy impact on your space. Double points if it adds function and meets a need! Our powder room has a window that gives a birds eye view to the neighbor. Not ideal when you’re trying to take a view moments to tend to some private business. Thankfully this project was super easy, super cheap, and super fast at taking care of the problem.

Before you start you will need to measure your window and determine what size blinds you need, and how much fabric.


  • Cordless Blinds – I got mine for $7 at Home Depot, couldn’t find them online
  • Fabric – the fabric I used was from Walmart and I got a yard for $1
  • Tacky Glue
  • Peel + Stick Hem Tape
  • Fabric ScissorsStart by measuring your fabric out and folding back the hem so that it is just slightly wider than your blinds.  Iron the hem to keep the measurement marked. Apply your peel and stick hem tap along the hem line, peel off the back, and fold over the fabric to secure. I like to take my scissors and run the handle on top of the fabric to press the two side and the tape together well. You could also lightly run your iron over it to make sure it’s set, but it’s not required.  Next you will want to determine how far apart you will want your shade gaps and then cut out the blinds between. I kept every 5th blind, and cut out the 4 before it. Be careful not to cut the strings. I found these ripped easily once you make the top cut.  You only need to cut out the gaps the length of your mirror.  Next, glue your fabric to the top piece front. Then wrap the fabric over the top and glue in place.

Then apply glue to the blinds, turn them over, and press onto the fabric to secure. Lastly glue your fabric to the bottom piece to cover.  Let dry for an hour.  Hang according to the blinds installation instructions and enjoy your new beautiful shade!! 

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    1. I just have a reels on my instagram account, but this tutorial is probably more step by step and explanatory.

  1. Did you do inside mount or outside mount? I can’t tell from the pics. This is such a clever idea. I love your bathroom!

  2. Thank you for this great DIY idea! How much window frame depth is needed to do an inside mount?

    1. I honestly am not sure But I want to say most blinds are made to be mounted inside or outside. I didn’t even measure the depth! I just measured the width to make sure it would fit from side to side correctly.

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