DIY Anthropologie Mirror Dupe


Raise your hand if you have been drooling over the Anthropologie mirror that is making rounds in the social media and design world? I’m raising mine! The Anthropolgie primrose mirror is blowing up as THE mirror to have. But if you’re like me, spending that kind of money on a mirror just isn’t in the budget. So I created a DIY Anthropologie mirror dupe repurposing our old bathroom vanity mirror. And it is gorgeous!

DIY Anthropologie Mirror Dupe

We took down the large mirror in our main bathroom and replaced it during our renovation. It had been sitting in our girls playroom, acting, as a makeshift dance mirror for over a year until one day I had the idea to turn it into the mirror of my dreams. I’ve been wanting a large, floor mirror for a while, and I love the Anthropologie Primrose mirror and the Amelie mirror from Arhaus, but my budget was not in concordance. Some creativity and wrestling of our vanity mirror later, and I had my dream mirror. Here’s how it went down!

Step 1: BUild the frame

I used picture frame moulding to create a frame. Using wood glue and staples to secure the mitered corners (cut on my miter saw). I used corner clamps to hold everything in place while the glue dried.

Step 2: Attach the mirror

To attach the mirror I used Liquid Nails along the back of the frame (**make sure to use a Liquid Nails meant for mirrors), and then secured the mirror to the frame using metal mirror clips. I preferred the metal because of their lower profile. I didn’t want to see the clips from the side of the mirror and I wasn’t planning to extend the frame to cover that area. I also used two packs of them, so 8 clips total to give as much support as I could to the mirror since my frame was on the thin side. Note, my mirror was 1/4″ thick, make sure you use clips made for the correct thickness of your mirror. I also used very small wood screws so they didn’t go through the front of the moulding/frame.

Step 3: Wood Fill + Sand

I used plastic wood to fill any gaps, and then used a sanding sponge and my multi-tool detail sander to smooth the corners.

Step 4: Stain

For the stain I chose to use my favorite staining method, mixing my stain with satin sheen polycrylic. Mixing the two creates a beautiful, splotch-free, professional finish. You can read all about that method in this post. I ended up doing three coats of stain to get the look I wanted. I also used the same stain and method to stain wooden appliqués. I got the appliqués from Amazon, although you can find some pretty ones at places like Lowes and Home Depot, or Michaels and Hobby Lobby. These are the ones I ended up using here, here and here.

Step 5: Attach APpliques

I tried attached the appliqués using wood glue and liquid nails. I think either would work fine, I was in a hurry and didn’t give the wood glue the needed time to fully dry and ended up going with the liquid nails. Once you place the appliqués, use clamps to hold them in place until the glue is dry. Also make sure to use a small paint brush to clean up any excess glue that has pressed out from under the appliqués.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Anthropologie Mirror dupe!

DIY Anthropologie Inspired Floor Mirror using old bathroom vanity mirror

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  1. Thank you for this!! It looks great. Can you expand on the picture frame molding? Where would I be able to purchase some for this type of project?

    1. Sure! I believe I found this at Lowes but most home improvement stores will have some similar options! Check out the moulding area near lumber!

  2. Obsessed!! I saved a mirror from my bathroom reno for this very purpose but just couldn’t figure exactly how I wanted to frame it. This looks amazing, I can’t wait to try. It looks like you made the wood frame a bit wider and taller than the mirror itself? Makes sense considering you have the mirror clips, do you have a general dimension of how far wider you should go on the sides?

    1. I honestly just eyeballed it and made sure there was enough overlap that it had a sturdy base on the mirror. I was using a wide trim so I had a lot of surface area to work with so that helped! Good luck!

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