Discovering Our Hometown: Girls Night at Nine Mile

It figures the right about the time we are about to move halfway across the country that I would finally develop a few friendships that would lead to the girls nights I’ve been hoping for for years now. In Charlotte, once we bought our house and moved down to the southern part of the city, we were pretty far away from friends and family. This sole fact was one of the biggest reasons we wanted to move. You can love a house, you can love a city, but if you don’t have friends and family to share that love with it can make for a dull life. And as much as Husband and I love each other, and spending time together, it goes without saying that friend time is an essential factor in overall happiness. I longed to have girlfriends to go out with, to workout with, to just hang on the couch on a Wednesday night for no reason with. Alas, busy work schedules, constant travel to and from Asheville on the weekends, and the strong holds of law school just didn’t allow for much time to get out and meet new people.
So you can imagine just how thrilled I am to have the opportunity to spend a few nights out with a couple of girls that make me smile 🙂
Warning, terrible pictures ahead. I was not a very good blogger. Forgot to take half the pictures I had planned, and didn’t take my time to make them good on the ones I did take. So bear with me! 
Last night we went to Nine Mile. I have been dying to try this restaurant for a while now. Slowly, but surely it earned its ranking as one of the top restaurants in Asheville, and with menu options that let you decide between linguini, quinoa (<–yes quinoa!) macaroni, and raw spiralized zucchini as your base, I knew it was a restaurant after my own stomach.
Nine Mile (their signature dish) with Quinoa Macaroni
The venue is on the smaller side, with twinkling lights wrapped around the pipes at the ceiling. Reggae music beats softly in the background and people of every background engorge themselves in massive bowls of Caribbean inspired cuisine.
Easy Skanking Salad
Almost every dish comes with bread and a starter salad. We couldn’t get enough of the His Majesty dressing – an intoxicating blend of garlic, lemon, and tahini that was to die for.
Most dishes are brimming with fresh vegetables like squash, zucchini, and fire roasted tomatoes
For the braver taste buds, you can order your food as hot as you can stand it. The waiter described the medium as hot, even for someone who like spicy food, and the hot so hot it would have your face melting. I like spicy foods somewhat, although I can’t handle too spicy. So I went with the mild – medium. My friend Tara adores hot food and almost went for the hot, but then decided on the medium – hot. I was expecting mine to be a little spicier than it was, Tara thought hers was super spicy, but I found hers about perfect. I think my taste buds may have been a little off?
Nine Mile with Spiralized Zucchini
 It’s hard to describe the flavors. It was such a beautiful medley of salty and sweet and aromatic that it was hard to pin point exactly what the geniuses in the kitchen had cooked up in our dishes. Kathryn said ” It tastes like the holidays!” and I think that is about right.
Situated in the heart of the Montford area of Asheville, boasting the perfect Ashevillian atmosphere along with gorgeous vegetarian, AND vegan, food, I would say it perfected the trifecta of what makes a great restaurant for me.
And the company wasn’t too bad either 🙂

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