Discovering Our Hometown: Brevard & Rocky’s Soda Shop

Brevard, NC is just a stone’s throw away from Asheville.  My MIL has an antique hobby and needed to take a bunch of old dolls to an auction house, so the whole family loaded up in the car to check out the recently built up town center.

People visit Brevard for a number of reasons but probably the biggest would be the beautiful scenery of the Pisgah National Forest.  Filled with natural waterfalls and plenty of trails it’s a nature enthusiast’s dream.
The downtown area is speckled with antique dealers, shops featuring locally made soaps and trinkets, a well known toy store called O.P. Taylor’s, and one of my childhood favorite restaurants Rocky’s Grill & Soda Shop.

My Granny used to bring me here when I was little.  The front awning beckons you with its bright red and white stripes and once inside you are greeted with a large row of soda shop red bar stools and a red and white checked tile floor.

They specialize in burgers and hot dogs although we were told by the waiter that their hot dogs are the most popular items.  I chose the black bean burger and after taking one bite declared it to be the BEST black bean burger I have ever had.  I’m still not over how incredibly delicious it was.

So delicious I forgot to even take a picture until I was halfway through 🙁

Rocky’s is also famous for their divine malts and milkshakes.  We couldn’t resist.
I love chocolate and Husband loves peanut butter…so we got both.

With our bellies so full they were about to burst we let Mama J go on to the auction house while we strolled around downtown trying to walk our milkshakes off.
This antique store was filled to the brim (three floors!) with antiques of every kind, but what we found the most interesting was their collection of old doors and windows.  Husband and I love the idea of restoring an big old door for the front of our future home.

A hour or so later and we headed home.  Whether it’s for a mountain getaway or a quick trip through a historic town on your drive through NC, Brevard is a great pitstop on your way through.

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