Discovering Beautiful Beulah, Wyoming

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While partaking in a few glasses of wine at a wine bar in Spearfish, our bartender told us about Beulah, Wyoming. A tiny little town, with a population of only 33, located just 11 miles past Spearfish. He said it was beautiful, characterized by pretty streams, perfect fishing and camping spots, and a popular hangout in the summer. Naturally we had to go as soon as possible.
And man was he right!
As you get off the exit you can either go right “into town” where you will find one restaurant and a gas station, or you can go left on a long dirt road that takes back into a sort of canyon.

Just driving through we fell in love. It seriously looked like heaven.

Lush greenery everywhere, streams so crystal clear they looked like glass.

We surpassed all of the designated campsites, hubs is NOT a fan of campgrounds…or people when it comes to camping. 
We loaded Jim’s new pack up and set off into the woods. 

Maybe a mile or so later we found our perfect spot. We set up the tent and husband set out to fish for a while, and I settled onto a rocky spot in the riverbed to read and work on my tan. 

Except that this was my view…

She was a bit stressed with Dad not being in sight, and she didn’t care to lay down on a bed of rocks, so my stomach seemed like the best option.

Husband found some random skull. Still not sure what animal this came from. There were no canine teeth/fangs. 

Our humble abode.

Daddy love after a long day of hiking.

Dinner over the coals. I tried out those meatloaf stuffed onion ball things. They were pretty delicious, although I recommend a double wrap of tin foil. Our onions charred a bit.

We went to bed before it was even dark, and slept till almost nine the next morning. It was glorious. We had plans for the day, Sundays are always busy with grocery shopping and cooking for the week, so we fixed a quick breakfast (including some local pepper bacon that was to die for) and hit the trail to the car. 

We drove into Spearfish and ate lunch at the Bum Steer. Turns out they have a Sunday brunch with prime rib, their unbeatable salad bar, and a full range of cook to order omelette and pancake options. We loved the entire weekend.
And we may or may not have gone back the next weekend and repeated it all over. 

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