Dining Room Reveal

Decorating this house has been interesting. For one reason, I made it my goal to remain as clutter free as possible. When we moved out of our house in Charlotte we got rid of EVERYTHING. Even things we really liked. My thought process was that we were a) moving into a barn with very limited space, b) at the time we didn’t know where we would be stationed nor what kind of living space we would have, and c) it would be almost a year before we would be in said space and our tastes may change. So we sold and donated it all.
To this day there is only two items I wish I would have kept. A pair of sconces we had in our dining room, that Husband specifically told me to keep because we both liked them so much. However, we are somehow surviving without them.
The other interesting factor in decorating this house is that it isn’t ours, and we won’t be here very long. So my need to fill every empty nook is somewhat lacking. I can’t help but think, that’s just one more thing to be packed and moved.
So my decorating theme? Simple, clutter-free, green, and rustic.
The dining room before…
and after.
The mirror came with us from our old house. The small wine rack was a Goodwill find from my MIL. Husband’s Gibson is keeping the corner occupied. The rug and curtains are from Target. The table was built by a local carpenter back in Asheville and is made of reclaimed barn wood. The chairs are another thrift find from my MIL that I refinished (DIY post to come). 

I spent almost a week trying to make these French pots I had pinned. Either I am dense, the original creator is magic, or they are just impossible. I never did get them to work, and ended up having to go back and touch up my painted pots >:-( I was pretty frustrated.

But I do like how they turned out regardless.

This print was my gift to Husband on our wedding day. If you can’t tell by now, we have a BIG thing for owls. His name is Don Matias 🙂
And a view with a sneak peek of the living room (the spheres have still not made it to the bedroom).

The space is still pretty empty, especially compared to our old house, but we are really appreciating the simplicity it offers. Cleaning is a breeze, and the table has become my “desk”. 
In the mornings we sit and eat breakfast together while the breeze blows in off the deck. The sun warms up the succulents on the table, and everything just feels very serene. All in all I’m very happy with how it turned out.

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