One of the things that has been a pleasant adjustment since moving to South Dakota, has been the fact that we have a LOT of free weekends. Back home almost every single weekend was slam packed with one thing or another. We never really had the opportunity to sit around on a Saturday and ask each other what we wanted to do with our free day.
For the most part there are a lot of pros to our new situation, however when it gets a bit too cold to hit the trails, sometimes having multiple free weekends in a row becomes a little ho hum. One way we like to battle the boredom is to make an event out of the weekend with a little staycation. You’ve read about our weekends in Spearfish, but sometimes we like to change it up and go to Deadwood.

Last year, the day after Thanksgiving we stayed at the Lodge at Deadwood, and spent the night playing black jack, drinking cocktails, and lounging in the hot tub. 
This weekend happened to be the big weekend around Halloween, and time for the annual Deadweird event. We splurged on a room at the Deadwood Mountain Grand, and looked forward to thawing out in the hot tub after walking amongst the ghouls and goblins for a few hours.

We didn’t decide until the morning of the even that we were going to dress up. Luckily I had an old costume I had never worn, and husband keeps the supplies on hand to transform into his favorite movie character, Indiana Jones.

There was a costume contest, that we totally did not plan on entering, but loved checking out all the creative get-ups of those who were. This lady and her husband took home the prize (below). As they should have. 

That was a seriously intense “costume.”

We ended up going back to the hotel a little early and lucked out having the pool and hot tub to ourselves. There was a Halloween movie marathon playing so we ended the night tucked into bed watching them until we fell asleep.

It’s funny when we stop and think about staying in hotels in nearby towns. Back home we would never have even considered not driving back home, but sometimes it’s fun to just not worry about driving, let your hair down, have a few drinks, and really get to know the towns that you call your neighbors.

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