Dating Myself

Because these posts are all post dated, meaning I’m actually writing them a week or so before they post I’m getting to reflect on some of them.  This is one of the reasons I love blogging so much.  I love to look back and remember how I was feeling at certain moments in my life, and to see how far I’ve come.  Today the Single Girl’s Dinner post published and to date it’s my favorite post so far.  And while I do love how the photography came out that night, the more I looked at it I realized that I love it so because I was really happy that night.  I was alone with myself but I was really ok with it.  Really ok with being alone with my thoughts.  Really ok with slowing down and taking the time to spoil myself with fresh delicious food that I knew I would love.  Really ok with opening a bottle of red and resisting taking a glass immediately to allow it to breathe and build anticipation of the first ruby red sips because I knew how happy it would make myself when it touched my lips.  Really ok wearing a sexy little black gown because for once I’m happy in my skin and I knew it would make me feel beautiful.  Really ok with dating myself because after a long difficult journey…I really do love the person I am.

I think I even looked in the mirror (after a glass or two of vino) and told myself how pretty I looked that night and how dinner was the perfect end to a long week.

I enjoyed my date with myself so much I look forward to taking myself out again.  Maybe this time I’ll take myself on a hike, or to visit a museum, or just maybe I will pack a picnic and lay under a shade tree and spend an afternoon reading.  I think myself would love that 🙂

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