Custer State Park Arts Festival

The Buffalo Roundup leads into a weekend-long event, including the Arts Festival. We had one goal, and that was to find a buffalo skull at a discount. Our love of western decor has grown just slightly since being here, resulting in a small little corner we have devoted to being the “South Dakota corner” of our house.
I read once that a sign of a military home was the “eclectic” nature of the home decor. After traveling and moving all over the world, you can’t help but pick up a trinket here and there. I was curious to see how this would play out for us. I laughed once we got our skull hung because our decor is already segmented into kind of rustic, to the wine bar area that is all red and black, to our new little SD corner. Husband says he thinks it all works together haha!
That big guy in the middle up there is the one we took home.
In addition to the art booths there was a dutch oven cook off.

At first they told us there was no sampling, which left us SUPER disappointed as we had purposefully went light on breakfast in anticipation of making it an early lunch. So we opted for an overpriced and overcooked bison burger at the food tent. Then on our second sweep by the cook off, they were now accepting donations for samples. So we got in line, paid $5…and got ONE bite of mexican cornbread each. That was it. Totally not worth it!

Our woes were put away though when we were treated to an awesome dance show. 

These guys were precious!

A few hours later, carefully toting our new possession, we headed home.

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