Crow Peak – The Mountain Not The Brewery

As you have probably gathered by now, husband and I LOVE Spearfish, and we’ve been known to take a staycation or two whenever we feel like we need a little break from the monotony of our day-to-day. 
This summer we discovered the campground located essentially in downtown Spearfish. It’s a beautiful park with a crystal clear stream running through it. It also made for the perfect place to pitch a tent, walk into town for dinner and drinks, and then pass out at the end of the night to the sound of the creek passing by. 

A few weekends back, before the bitterness of Winter made a much too early arrival, we escaped for another weekend in Spearfish. We set up our tent in our usual slot, strolled into town making a pit stop at the Spearfish Creek Wine Bar, then dining at our favorite restaurant, The Bum Steer, saying hello to our favorite waiter Chase. Finally making it to our regular drinking hole, Flanagan’s

The next morning we were met with a Saturday with absolutely nothing on the agenda, so I suggested we hike Crow Peak. I didn’t realize at the time that the trail to the summit was about seven miles round trip, with some pretty steep uphills. The hike was comparable to the popular Harney Peak trail, for which most people prepare with a packed lunch a half day’s time. We however, grabbed some cheese and crackers from Good Earth Natural Foods and hit the dusty trail.   

Jeannie hiked the entire time without being carried when we did the Bighorns, but for some reason either the heat, the altitude, or sheer laziness got the best of her this day. We ended up having to alternate carrying her a few times, and incorporating plenty of breaks to make it to the top. 

A couple of hours later we finally made it.

We were greeted with a pretty awesome view of the hills and Spearfish below. 

So we snapped a few pics and then headed back down to find a more substantial lunch.

Please ignore my “ninja” outfit as hubs called it. I picked up the wrong bottoms the night before. Those shorty shorts are usually saved for when I’m feeling daring at Crossfit :P.

Husband needed a photo of this little hooter.

Nothing like an impromptu honkin’ hike to make your Saturday 🙂

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