Crow Peak Oktoberfest

I never thought I would take my Granny to an Oktoberfest. Especially not an Oktoberfest at a brewery.
I guess there really is a first time for everything.
Husband and I have managed to miss every single Oktoberfest that has happened so far, and after stopping by the brewery a few weeks ago and reading about their upcoming event, we ultimately decided our family would still love us if we subjected them to some beer-loving hippies for an afternoon.
I mean they served pumpkin beer…out of a pumpkin!

The band was awesome. They played mostly bluegrass-type music, which made my dad happy.
We generally end up at the brewery on Sunday afternoons or earlier in the evening on Saturdays. This was the most crowded we had ever seen it.
I think these guys thought I was with the paper or something because they asked for their picture to be taken. Who am I to deny them some celebrity? πŸ™‚
Granny bought us a round of pumpkin donut holes.
We all went straight for the beer, but thankfully there was also a lemonade stand for Granny. 
Look at her getting all sloppy on lemonade πŸ™‚

Completely soused on sugar!
The handsome men in my life…

I think this is the only picture I got of my dad smiling the entire trip.

My Granny was in love with this little girl. She ran around 90 miles an hour with her tutu flowing in the wind. Precious!

And as it is every other time we go to Crow Peak, it was tough to leave, but we had dinner waiting on us at home and a group of tired tourists on our hands. So we filled up our growler with the pumpkin ale and made the trip home.

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