Crazy Horse Memorial Volksmarch

Most people visiting the great state of South Dakota come to see Mount Rushmore. And while it is a spectacular monument, I have to say, after seeing and learning about Crazy Horse Memorial, the presidential structure really pales in comparison. 
But I’ve talked about that before. This post is about getting up close and personal with the Chief himself.

It used to be that just one time a year, visitors were invited to make the 6.2 mile volksmarch and witness the sculpture face-to-face. We missed the march last year, and were set to miss it again this year, when thankfully the memorial decided to add a Fall march. 

It took place the same weekend as the Buffalo Roundup and Arts Festival. Which meant we drove out to Custer three days in a row!

There was a crowd, and the weather although beautifully sunny, was a bit chilly and majorly windy.

Husband also decided we should set a time goal for our ascent. 

I actually got winded on what I thought was just going to be a nice Sunday morning stroll.

For anyone interested in a quick bit of trivia. All four of the presidents’ heads on Mount Rushmore could fit on just the head of Crazy Horse. 

He’s a big dude.

We spent a few minutes snapping some pictures then called it a day. It was too windy and cold to enjoy the view for very long.

And we hadn’t eaten lunch 🙂

Another trivia nugget before I go, this is the underside of Crazy Horse’s arm. Supposedly a 10 story building could fit in the hole.

And with that we crossed off another of our South Dakota bucket list items!

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