Computer Issues Be Gone!

I think I almost forgot how to write a blog post on here. Just kidding! No but seriously, it’s been a while. 
I finally figured out my computer issue, which actually had nothing to do with my computer, and everything to do with the craptastic internet we have. But the good news is, I’ve got no excuse for some solid posting from here on out 🙂
I figured I would try to update you on all things happening in our lives to the tune of some random horse pictures I took while we were out on a hike one day. Surprisingly Jim was nice, and these guys were super friendly. 
So since we last talked everything, per usual, has changed. I believe when we left off, Will was set to deploy this Winter, and I was going to move back to North Carolina until he returned. 
In preparation for the move, I started collecting boxes, put in my notice at work, and of course made a million plans for my time in NC.
Silly, silly me.
The week before my last day at my job, Husband texted me around 10:00 one morning that his deployment had been cancelled. 
My first emotion was relief. I had started having mini panic attacks thinking about him being gone and worrying about his safety while overseas.
And then I went through a few hours where I just felt lost. Being a military family you are well aware that your whole world is subject to change at the drop of a hat, but you still have to plan for the reality you know currently. I watched all of the things I had planned for North Carolina vanish in front of my eyes with little cartoonish poofs. 
And then I moved on. 
I had already started searching for a job that I could do from anywhere, because quite frankly, I was tired of finding a new job everywhere we went. Luckily I found one. A part time gig. One that I am not announcing quite yet because payroll is taking their sweet time finalizing it and I don’t want to jinx it into non-existence.
I didn’t address our new situation with my employers because they had already hired my replacement, and the next Monday I started training her. In a way though, it all felt like it was meant to be that way. I wasn’t very successful the first go around of not working when we moved here, but at this point I have different goals and a better understanding of my personal needs and weaknesses. I’m determined to make it a success this time around.
I’m working on Day 4 at home. So far it’s been exhausting…but in a good way. My daily to do lists are too long to complete, and are filled with an almost perfect balance between household duties, and tasks designed to help me pursue my writing.
I know I will be caught up within the next few days, and will have to figure out how to fill my time productively. That’s the difference between this time and last, this time I plan to have a plan (<–nice huh?). 
So stick with me. I’ve got loads of pictures from our recent trip to Portland, Seattle and Vancouver, as well as a number of things we’ve been doing around the Black Hills. One of the aforementioned goals is to get this blog back on track. Hope you guys will tag along!
BTW, I realize the pics are almost blinding in color. Believe it or not I hardly touched the colors in editing. Sometimes colors here are so vivid it almost hurts your eyes. Almost. Another goal I have for myself is learning how to properly edit photos. Pray for me. For some reason I can figure out how to build a website and learn basic HTML code, but editing photos is like an unsolvable mystery to me haha!

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