Christmas Shenanigans

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Christmas didn’t exactly feel like Christmas this year. I made sure to decorate our house in Turkey before Aubrey and I left for the states, but with all the traveling, not being home with family for the actual holiday, and being in a country where the vast majority of the population doesn’t celebrate Christmas, suffice it to say we weren’t so filled with the spirit. 
However, our Christmas season was very full. This post is really just a collection of pictures from our visit home and Christmas in Turkey.
This is five generations folks! I hate Aubrey is crying (this was still during her grumpy phase), but I love how my Great Grandmother (I call her Mamaw Gray) is snuggling her. Mamaw is 92, and was spry as a twenty year old up until she suffered, and miraculously survived a lung aneurism a few years ago. Since then her health, and specifically her memory have been a bit touch and go. I prayed for God to let us make him home so she could meet Aubrey before he called her home, and it melted my heart that as soon as Aubrey came in the door Mamaw knew exactly who she was.
We also got to see our friends Liz and Clint and their baby Aylett. 

My Mamaw Gaye finally got to love on her grandbaby.
Met Mia’s dog Sophie.
Got lots of new outfits.

Including a pearl bracelet from JiJi.

Suffered through LOTS of kisses.

Started shedding our grumpy attitude.

We wore lots of red.

Got some Aunt Hannah loving.

Spent lots of time with Pop.

We were spoiled rotten by our Aunt Jill and Aunt Missy.

Became a Mia and Pop sandwich.

Notice the lipstick mark?
Got an awesome owl cake for the meet and greet with Dad’s family from JiJi.

Met Great Grandmother Kathryn, who shares the same birthday with Aubrey.
Brought some new pals back to Turkey with us.
Then settled back in at home for Christmas.

Dad surprised us with some new ornaments he picked up in Germany.

As well as a new teddy bear named Charly. 

We spent Christmas eve playing board games with some friends and watching the Nightmare Before Christmas. On Christmas day we opened some gifts JiJi sent wrapped in the mail (Will and I don’t really exchange gifts), fixed a big breakfast, and spent the rest of the day relaxing. 
This was our first Christmas not being with family, and while it was nice to have plenty of time to catch up with each other after being gone, and to celebrate our first Christmas as a family of three, it just wasn’t Christmas not being home. It definitely made us appreciate family and all the traditions, ALL 2,794 of them, that much more!

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