Charlottesville, VA

A few days after the family left I packed and headed to the airport to join Husband in Charlottesville.
But not without packing some plane food. I generally pack a good amount of travel food. Partially because lately I have had SUPER short layovers that wouldn’t allow time to grab something on the way, and partially because the money they charge for crappy food in the airport is ridiculous, but mainly the reason I go the extra lengths is because traveling is exhausting as it is, and it opens you up to a world of germs as well as foods that are terrible for you yet so convenient you usually just go with it. I feel like I’m doing myself a solid favor by packing something as nutritious as possible to set me up for a positive experience.
This time it was a faux italian sausage, asparagus, tomato, lettuce and provolone sandwich for lunch, sliced smoked gouda and an apple for snacks, and a salad with a plethora of veggies and crumbled hard boiled egg for dinner. I also always pack a water bottle. You can’t take water through security, but you CAN take a bottle and fill it up for free at the water fountains once inside!
Right before I was about to leave I happened to look out the door and noticed huge snowflakes falling…and sticking. So I doubltimed getting out of the house in hopes if I got to the airport early I might reduce the risk of a cancelled flight. Apparently they know a thing or two about de-icing planes and such up here 🙂
I got to Charlottesville late Wednesday night, and Husband had class the next day so I spent the morning blogging by this awesome fire.

Then I put on my running clothes and headed out to check out the shopping center nearby and the UVA campus. 
That night we decided to take part in a progressive rail party at the No. 3 bar. Let’s just put it that $1 liquor drinks are NO ONES friend.
Awesome cabbie sign…

You can imagine the comments that one sparked on Facebook.
The biggest highlight to Thursday night was the arrival of my sister. We effectively took no pictures of ourselves the entire time we were in Charlottesville, but we had an awesome time.
Friday we went to the mall area where there are reportedly 600ish restaurants. All of them looked incredible (especially after my limited SD options) so instead of trying just one we made a plan to have our own private progressive party through the mall.
Bloody Mary’s and mimosa’s (sans orange juice) were ordered up first thing, and mucho necessary after the previous nights shenanigans. 
Then we dined on a goat cheese, crab and fennel quesadilla. 
And for our main course we split this spinach ravioli and tomato basil cream sauce dish.

Then we strolled back down through the mall before landing in a bar called Miller’s to wait on Husband.

Being honest the rest of the night was a bit of a blur, but we couldn’t have enjoyed the perfect Fall leaves falling down like snow, the soft beat of music winding through the crowd, the delicious food, and most of all the sister time. Six months is far too long to go without your truest BFF!

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