Buffalo Or Bust!

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About a month ago it was July 4th weekend. Husband had the 4th and 5th off, so I took them too. Last summer, well last year in general, I feel like we traveled constantly. It was awesome. 
This year however, I’ve taken on a full time job, work has been nothing short of crazy for my JAG husband, and going anywhere outside of our neighboring towns has been a challenge. 

We had been discussing making a trip to the Bighorns National Forest for a while, and after a few weeks of studying maps and planning our menu, we finally made it happen over our short vacation weekend.

For once, going somewhere didn’t involve a six plus hour drive. Getting to Buffalo, Wyoming was only a short three and a half cruise (man how our opinion of a short drive has changed). 

We checked into our hotel and went straight to main street to find a drink and dinner, as we’re known to do. 

We ended up at The Virginian Restaurant…maybe we were drawn there by our southern roots.

It was like stepping back into time. Or maybe just back into my Granny’s house. Every corner was filled with something that was straight from a wild west we only wish we could know.

The next day we had a very long hike awaiting us, so we gorged on pasta and steak (you have to in the west right?).

And clinked glasses as we sipped on some Wyoming Whiskey (not that good in our opinion).

But the real enjoyment happened when Husband realized that we were in the town that his new favorite show, Longmire, was set in. Not just that, but there was a REAL Busy Bee diner. You can guess where we ate breakfast the next morning. 

And with our bellies full of biscuits and gravy we hit the dusty trail to get started on our backpacking trip through the Bighorns. If only we knew then what we were getting ourselves into.

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