Brewgrass Twenty Eleven

I’ll apologize ahead of time for the quality of these pics. Some were taken with a decent camera but others were courtesy of my crappy Droid (or someone else’s phone) because I came ill-prepared.
But nonetheless., camera-less we endured Brewgrass 2011!
For anyone unfamiliar, the name really does say it all. It’s a fun filled day of beer and bluegrass. Over 40 beer vendors, 120 different beers, and a plethora of local bands make every beer drinker’s dream come true.
There’s just one catch. Being officially named Beer City USA for the third time in a row there’s just a slight competition to get a hold of one of the limited tickets. People literally wait, mouse in hand, for the moment the tickets go on sale. Heaven forbid your computer has a hiccup or you have to go pee because there is no mercy when securing your seat at the most anticipated festival of the year.
Thankfully for us Cliz was able to get us four tickets…and then ended up not being able to go so Lu and Marcus grabbed up the extras.
Another slight catch. Although there are a limited of tickets sold, prime real estate for your lawn chairs is a must, which requires arriving early to attempt getting in front of the mile-long (not sure how much of an exaggeration that is) long to get in. And, because who are we kidding, to make sure that every moment of the seven hour festival is spent with beer in hand 🙂
Waiting in line
I went to my first beer festival last year for Lu’s bacherlorette party. I’ll be honest, when someone mentioned making pretzel necklaces I was none to keen on wearing food around my neck. It wasn’t until later that I realized they are a common occurrence at brewfests and I would actually be the one looking odd without one. Not to mention they are key to being able to remain sober enough to make it through the day.

Husband made sure he had PLENTY of pretzels 🙂

Seven hours later we headed back to our friend’s casa to gorge on Papa John’s pizza and recount the days activities.
If you have an hour to kill and a dependable mouse, oh and a reverence for a golden delicious brew, Brewgrass is a must!

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