Botanical Print Gallery Wall


I’ve been drawn to beautiful botanical prints lately. I love the organic feel they give a space, and being honest with myself, I’m kind of turning into a crazy plant lady so I love the greenery whether its in real life or print form.

While we were quarantining in Asheville my mother in law showed me a few thrifted books she had with tons of beautiful botanical prints in them. With her permission I cut a collection out to use throughout our house. I’ve been working on updating our office and knew these would make the perfect statement on the large wall that previously held a yarn hanging that no longer went with our aesthetic.

I planned out my arrangement with the help of my furry assistant. 

Then I ordered these frames from Amazon with the intention of updating them slightly to give them more of a vintage feel. I taped some of the frames off and applied Rub ‘n Buff to the inner sections. Full disclosure here, the taping became cumbersome so eventually I just started chancing applying it without the tape. I had to do a little touch up clean up, but overall they turned out fine. FYI mineral spirits work perfectly to remove it!

The goal was a sort of worn vintage look, which I think my messy application achieved well. I left the glass out of the frames to eliminate the glare (especially important when trying to photograph!) and lend to the vintage feel. I originally planned a nine piece gallery wall but the sets of frames only seemed to come in eight so I adjusted the plan. I kind of love the look with the eight frames. To plan the spacing I placed them on the floor and spread them out to see what I liked visually, then I measured the full length and decided to spread them out over a four foot area. I marked the middle and worked my way out from there using my tape measure to keep the distances equal, and a level to make sure they were all in line. 

They are the perfect addition to the office. A beautiful mix of vintage pieces and inspiration and modern updates.  I haven’t done a full reveal of this office yet because I’ve still got to repaint the back wall with a flat paint. The millwork turned out incredible, but I’ve got to get the sheen right. One day it will happen!

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