Carrying on with our drive through Custer State Park we were informed that there were buffalo rumored to be occupying a certain area of the park. So we of course, drove straight there.
It’s not that we haven’t seen buffalo before, but I can’t personally say that I’ve seen one this close, with the ability to charge it’s massive body into our car as any given second.
The park employees have maps set up in their offices with little buffalo magnets that they place where there have been buffalo sitings.

In addition to buffalo, the park holds donkeys.

Friendly donkeys.

That if given the chance, 

will walk,

right up to your friendly for a welcoming hello (and food if you happen to have any).

I wanted so bad to roll my window all the way down for a full on petting but Jim was going bazerk in the back seat. I did get a few nose nuzzles in 🙂

Husband was on the phone and I watched as this little guy got bored with the car in front of us and made his way to husband’s window.

Much to both of their dismay we were fresh out of donkey food.

Then we found another herd of buffalo.

And this adorable little fellow that entertained us with random sprints and jumps. He was a feisty one for sure!

This guy must have been the herd leader because he was the only one we heard sending out warning grunts to all of us on lookers. Luckily there as a fence separating us.
And to end our wildlife journey…an antelope playing (well grazing) on the range 🙂

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