Blunk Family Euro Trip: Paris, France – An Eiffel Tower Picnic

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I remember back during our study abroad stint, an evening spent on a blanket filled with all sorts of antipasti delicacies, an abundance of cheap local wine, and the conversation of friends and the man who would eventually be my husband. It was nothing short of magical, and absolutely something I wanted to recreate for my family.
After our rush back to the apartment, grabbing picnic supplies from the local co-op, and a metro trip across town, we found the perfect little spot to spend the evening.

My goal was for everyone to see the tower in all the many stages of light, starting from daylight, to dusk when the lights came on, and eventually the twinkling lights that happen on the hour once it gets totally dark. 

Consider it goal accomplished 🙂
We had a smorgasbord of cured meats, cheese and baguettes…and probably at least one too many bottles of wine. 
Jill walked Aubrey all over the grassy area, and once they returned to the blankets, A went on a tear to inspect every piece of food present. 

There’s not much else to report, other than that things got silly as the darkness settled in.

And finally the twinkle lights started (although you can’t tell in the picture). 

With it being summer, and sunset holding off till late, it was well past Aubrey’s bedtime by the time we packed up to head back to the apartment.

A few shenanigans along the way and we were home for the night. 

The next (and last) day we made the trip to see the tower from the Trocadero, which I consider to be the place for the best view. I was also in need of a ham and cheese crepe as I had yet to have one the whole time we had been in Paris. 

After a few photo ops we walked down the Champs Élysées, grabbing some socks and a couple of sweaters from the Gap clearance rack for Aubrey because it had really chilled off and Scotland was going to be even cooler. 

And with that the second leg of our trip came to an end. The next morning we were set to catch a plane to Edinburgh.

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