I’m late with this post but hopefully Jeannie will forgive me πŸ™‚ Sunday marked her 8th birthday. I literally have to fight back tears with each birthday that passes. I’ll never understand why God gives such short lives to such perfect creatures.
I got Jean a few short months after my childhood dog passed away. I was a freshmen in college and living in an apartment that didn’t allow dogs. Needless to say sporadic potty schedules and impromptu house parties led to two things: lots of accidents and a nervous pup.
Nevertheless she stood by my side and has offered her unconditional love through thick and thin. There have been times where it felt she was all I had for a friend in the world.

She has a personality so uniquely her own that just makes my heart smile.

Her obsession with anything shaped like a ball is a fervent as any monk’s devotion and often the hilarity that graces our mornings of endless fetch games.

She walked down the aisle with me on my wedding day…

has been the best friend a girl could ask for…

has filled my heart with warm unconditional love…

has been my little princess…

and will forever remain the best dog I’ve ever known and loved. Happy birthday Jeannie girl!  May we be blessed with many many more years of your gentle funny loving spirit. I love you!

Dogs are miracles with paws.  ~Attributed to Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy

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