Bathroom Stools + Tables

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We never had room for a stool or table in our previous bathrooms, but the day we knocked down the wall separating the shower and tub I knew I was going to find a way to make space for one in this master bathroom.

There is something a little fancy about having a stool meant just for your tub time. It adds to the spa-like feelings in your bathroom. It’s a luxury and I’m here for it.

I found this little table at our local Home Goods and knew upon first sight it was the perfect addition to our bathroom. I loved the idea of it having a drawer to keep things like bath bombs and salts in.

I absolutely love the mid century modern styling constructed out of more rustic wood to give it the nod to island style that goes so well with our beaded chandelier we brought back from Bali. And the legs mimic those of our vanity.

I’ve learned in searching for this little table, that you have to in fact search for “table” as opposed to stool. But I’ve done a little of the grunt work so you don’t have to. Here is a roundup of some bathroom tables/stools I love!

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