Barn Clutter

We have a lot of stuff.  Husband is all but ready to toss it all in the Goodwill parking lot.  I have been actively de-cluttering our home for months now but when you live in a space and make it a home you just accumulate THINGS.
The good thing is, all of our things are at least here.
The barn is a bit of a disaster area at the moment.

Now that things are boxed and labeled I’m trying to separate what I think we can get rid of versus what we need to keep.  I have to watch Husband very carefully to make sure he doesn’t add things secretly to the discard pile 🙂

The last harvest from our garden…surprise kabocha squash!!!

Last night we showered, grabbed a beer and headed over to our neighbors (my in laws) for dinner.  Have any of you ever felt what it feels like to really be home?  When we were driving our last trip back to Asheville Husband and I were discussing how Charlotte and our house were already starting to feel foreign.  We considered our house our home and it felt as such, but we made it a home because we had to.  Neither of us ever really cared to be in Charlotte and every time we left Asheville to return it felt like we were leaving a part of ourselves behind waiting until we could come back again.  It was amazing to be driving towards a home where we really wanted to be for once.  It’s been years upon years since I’ve felt like I am at home.

Last night we slept with nothing but the screen doors separating us from the night.  And awoke with cool mountain air touching our skin.  No AC.  No need for a fan on high speed to move the stuffy air around.  No alarm clocks.  Just us and the mountains…and a rooster and his friends RUINING our morning to sleep in >:(
I’m not sure what time they started.  What I am sure of is that I fell dozed off at least two more times after they first woke me up and it was still only 8:30.  I begged Jim to attack if I got up and let him out.  That will definitely take some getting used to.  But as my Facebook friends have said, WELCOME TO THE COUNTRY!

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