Banana Bourbon Pie

It would seem as if I live on Pinterest. 
Really I don’t.

But it has become my personal recipe book.

Filled with goodies I can’t wait to try.

Specifically this one, that creates a glorious harmony of bananas, maple syrup, bourbon, and pecans.

Blended, baked, and frozen into a delightful celebration for your taste buds.

And even mildy on the healthy side.

If like me, you can justify it being healthy because it’s chocked full of fruit and nuts 🙂

Delicious, toasted, maple covered nuts that is.

Yes my friends, this is the Frozen Banana Bourbon Pie, recipe found here.

I will give a word of advice though. Make sure to set your pie out, or your slice, for a pretty good while before enjoying, otherwise your frozen delicacy will be laced with ice crystals.

For this reason, any of you who aren’t affected by soy (thinking of my soy intolerant Lizzie here), I would possibly try replacing the coconut milk with silken tofu for a creamier, and hopefully ice crystal free alternative.

Regardless this dessert is well worth a spin in the food processor!

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