Back To School Freshness

I can only blame the school systems for instilling in me a false sense of the timing of a new year. According to the calendar on January 1 I should be resolutioning, reflecting on the previous year and preparing to start the new year fresh and renewed with a goal of making it the best one yet. The problem with this mentality is that for the almost first 17+ years of most of our lives we are enrolled in a school system that starts our years in August.

I’m sure we can all remember the excitement building just weeks before school starts. Sure we weren’t excited about the actual school part, nor the fact that summer was fading, but we got to wear our new clothes and see our long lost friends and go to the games and social events and basically find a life again.

Fall was always the start to my “new year.” As bad as it was boyfriends tended to fall away in light of the opportunities of the new year. A new attitude was adopted and goals were set to welcome a fresh start.

Now that school is not a part of my life and the work calendar is year round it’s odd to realize that mentally I still regard Fall with a sense of fresh starts. No I don’t plan on ditching Husband 🙂 but when the oppressive heat of summer finally starts to fade and you feel a skip in your step as you venture back outside to rediscover the world and its beautiful Fall splendor, it’s almost as if you become alive again as your mind fills with the anticipation of all the wonderful things that Fall brings.

Outside of the breathtaking scenery, pumpkin lattes and tailgating, to me it always signifies family, knowing the holidays are just around the corner and endless opportunities for intimate cozy gatherings are just waiting to happen.

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